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About UIS

Who is UIS?

Underground Infrastructure Solutions, LLC (UIS) is a service firm that helps customers identify and return lost revenue due to water loss. We offer expertise in a variety of disciplines including acoustical leak detection, pipe inspection, GIS mapping and storm remediation to name a few.
UIS was established in 1990 and is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL. We service manufactured housing developments, commercial properties, and municipal properties with the following services: ● Underground Leak Detection● CCTV Sewer and Sanitary Pipe Inspections● Water and Sewer Revenue Analysis● Due Diligence Surveys

  • MissionStatement

    UIS is dedicated to delivering high quality customer service with cost assurance. We understand the need to provide an all-inclusive price. We make certain that you know your expense before starting your project. We take the time to listen to your concerns, build a proper scope of work and effectively communicate with you to achieve results. 

  • OurLeadership

    Earl King began his career working with Hydrotronic Corporation of Miami in 1979. He was heavily involved with municipalities and state and federal projects worldwide. He worked with Metravib (France) Fuji Tecom (Japanese) in the use of their correlator technologies in the early eighties. This experience, combined with exposure to some of the most difficult leak problems on what has proved to be the most problematic materials and situations qualifies him as one of the top leaders and a respected authority in his field.
    Mr. King was a charter member and one of the founders of the Board of Directors of UULLA, (Underground Utility and Leak Locators Association) a national non-profit organization for the advancement and education of Utility and Leak Location best practices. Mr. King is a presenter at many national conferences regarding leak detection, damage prevention and related topics.
    With 30+ years of leak detection experience, Mr. King has worked in many parts of the world including all 48 states, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Syria, Haiti and France, most of Canada and many islands of the Caribbean.  Trained in Machine Tool Technology at University of Cincinnati and Ohio College of Applied Science, he has extensive experience in valve manufacturing for the water industry and blowout preventer manufacturing for the oil industry.
    Earl is involved in the training and development of the UIS Team and day-to-day operations at ​Underground Infrastructure Solutions, LLC.