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Property Types

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    Manufactured Housing

    We are the leader in the industry with 1,000’s of communities surveyed and thousands of problems solved annually.  

    Underground Infrastructure Solutions, LLC has unmatched experience working on MHC communities infrastructure systems and we know the complexities of the problems presented in this asset class.

    ​UIS technicians are trained trouble shooters and problem solvers, just ask any of our hundreds of clients or any of your colleagues. Our focus is on return of revenue and the infrastructural efficiency for your systems clients.

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    Commercial Properties

    UIS serves all types of commercial real estate and investment clients. This extends from multi-family communities to shopping malls to condo associations to hospitality groups.

    ​We utilize PACP software and assign certified operators for sanitary inspections.

    Most important a team of technicians with the experience and desire to get the highest results for our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

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    Municipals and Government

    UIS’s experience dates back to 1979 when it's Founder Earl King started detecting underground leaks for municipals all around the world and quickly became a pioneer of the methodical processes for municipal leak detection. 

    These methods have been improved upon over many years and allow for the thorough acoustical surveillance of large distribution systems.

    Our experience with municipals attracted the "Correlator" manufacturers and subsequently UIS was instrumental in establishing "In-House" leak detection programs. Municipals across the world realized the importance of a strong leak detection program and this led to solving "Non-Revenue Water" problems in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Syria, Canada, Haiti and 48 out of 50 U.S. States.