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UIS assists commercial property owners, including potential sellers and potential buyers in pending property transactions. 
Our job is to assist with all aspects of water loss investigation, including evaluation, remediation planning, and advisory services. Our clients are generally looking to achieve one of two goals:
● To understand the current efficiency of a property's water flow including condition, cost, and waste levels.● To be advised all findings, including plans for the remedy of unnecessary expense due to critical water loss.
We understand that the ultimate goal is to accurately evaluate a property's water flow efficiency in order to protect or improve revenue and savings.
UIS has proven to be an extremely valuable asset that provides an all inclusive service to it's clients during the valuation and sales process of a land transaction.

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    CCTV Camera Inspections

    UIS provides sewer camera inspections (both sanitary and storm) for commercial properties throughout the entire state of Florida and surrounding states. UIS uses the highest rated NAASCO certified PACP software and PACP trained technicians to perform CCTV video inspections with Pan & Tilt Digital Color cameras with zoom lenses for large and small sanitary and storm water systems.
    Our system is capable of inspecting pipes of all diameters and reach lengths of over 900 feet. ​
    Video camera inspection of problematic pipelines can help identify the following issues:

    ● Identifying Inflow and Infiltration● Root Intrusion and Debris Blockage● Deformed or Bellied Drain Lines● Leaking Pipe Joints and Separated Lateral Joints● Cracked Sewer Laterals and Deteriorated Materials

    The difference in quality for video camera inspections of sewer and storm pipes is in the equipment being used and the expertise of the operator. Rest assured, UIS has you covered on both with highly trained inspectors and state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment.

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    Underground Leak Detection

    We at UIS have been in the business of underground leak detection in water distribution systems since 1979. We have worked in municipalities and industries around the entire world, achieving results in environments with extremely difficult infrastructure and access points.​
    Our experience allows us to get results where there is low pressure, high ambient noise environments, low grade pipe materials and insufficient contact points. Even in the toughest of conditions, we get the job done. UIS acquired this experience long before the advent of correlators and leak loggers were developed and consequently when field conditions were not ideal. 

    Simply put, UIS gets results. With a focus on improving a property's water flow efficiency, we have the expertise to uncover current and potential issues as well as catastrophic level failures. Information such as this is extremely beneficial to buyers and sellers in a pending property transaction. 

    UIS uses the latest technology in correlators, acoustic amplifiers, tracer gases, infrared technology, nuclear gauges, and more.

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    Water and Sewer Revenue Analysis

    UIS is a specialty service firm with a focus on water and sewer recovery. UIS carries a vast experience dating back to 1990 in finding lost revenue for its clients including analyzing our customer’s bills. With over 1,000 projects completed, UIS has encountered many different types of rate structures and billing formats. UIS has the tools and knowledge to help you recover immediate and long term revenue due to: 

    ● Water and sewer leakage● Sub-meter under registration● Inaccurate city billing● Meter read errors● Inflow and infiltration● And much more

    Having worked for clients in multiple industries and regions, UIS knows what you should be purchasing and consequently selling. Furthermore, UIS is up to date with regulations that could impact your bottom line and provides services to help you mitigate potential losses in the future. UIS creates a baseline to help you monitor your systems’ production going forward and minimize losses by responding to issues sooner.  

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    Due Diligence Surveys

    Considering the purchase of a commercial property? Contact us about our Due Diligence package. 
    UIS can provide tangible information about the asset that isn't easily visible. Our Due Diligence package provides insight into the current conditions of a property’s water and sewer distribution system including estimates on remediation. 

    UIS will make you aware of potential negative financial impacts and provide you with valuable information that will aide in negotiating the best deal for your team. UIS understands that to maintain operational efficiency after a purchase, you need to obtain historical and current information to properly budget future expenditures.
    We have experience working with both sellers and buyers in order to uncover critical, even catastrophic type failures and how to remedy such issues. There are more aging infrastructure systems that exist in our country than ever before in history. It is our job to uncover these unknown and hidden water expenditure issues, determine their impact on a property's financials, and create action plans for maximizing profitability.  

    UIS provides real time information from the field and works within short timeframes to accommodate closing schedules and other aspects of a purchase agreement.